More than a convenient and witty spin on the saying “It’s all good”, our brand mantra serves as an internal compass and steady reminder of our commitment to reimagine the role and imprint of a community birthed brand. Being of the community, servicing the community and therefore being a leading voice of the community we charge ourselves with revitalizing and enhancing our beloved native community of Brooklyn, so that our legacy outlast our financial gain.

More than a retailer, we serve as advocates, mentors, preservers, storytellers, pioneers and a myriad of roles that we willingly accept as long as we are members of this community, thus, we proudly own the responsibilities that com with these stations and set forth on an ambitious mission of trust.

Trust that you the consumer and you the community member know that if it’s of WOODstack, it’s all good and therefore, “It’s All WOOD…”


  • Our pillars
  • Education Support
  • Promote Fitness
  • Economic Empowerment

“Tree Grows in Brooklyn” is an educational program of the IAW initiatives focused on providing supplementary resources for underserved students excelling academically and in need of support methods for their continued success.

Our “Tree Grows in Brooklyn” (TGIB) scholarship is but one component of this program. We also partner with local high schools and community organizations to provide access to educational support tools inclusive of mentorship, workshops and career readiness. The TGIB scholarship is our financial support contribution to college bound students to aid in their transition to their next stage of academic education. Our scholarships range in value, but often cover cost of books for recipients. The TGIB scholarship is open to graduating high school seniors only that have been accepted and can show proof of acceptance into a college, trade school and/ or university.



At WOODstack, we believe in taking care of our own. By way of our “Raised in the WOODS” program, we provide trajectory altering support for Brooklyn based streetwear designers and brands. We identify, support and provide distribution opportunities within our expanding doors to help local businesses and brands jumpstart their successful journey in the world of fashion.

Our “Raised in the WOODS” (RITW) program provides marketing, production, distribution, merchandising and sales support for chosen participants to our highly selective WOODshop design incubator meanwhile promoting local designers, community support, local job growth diversity and collaboration.


When adopting a park receives the WOODstack treatment, you get a highly customized fitness imprint with engaging no cost programs that comes straight out of the woodworks, the “BK WOODworks” to be exact. More than just fun and healthy, our fitness promotion initiative is forward thinking and a celebration of the potential of us all when there’s access for all of us.

Each WOODstack retail location adopts a Brooklyn based park to ensure that a fun, safe and healthy experience can be had by both Brooklyn natives and visitors.


Through our sponsorship program, WOODstack partners with schools, local governments, community groups and individuals to improve our community through community service, educational initiatives, seminars and economic investment.