At WOODstack we pride ourselves in a culture that completely disrupts and reimagines servicing the inner city customer.

On behalf of the entire WOODstack culture we welcome you on an ambitious journey in innovative street wear retail, captivating product storytelling, benchmark setting customer service and groundbreaking community engagement.


The origin of the name WOODstack...drawing inspiration from both the cultural preservation qualities and the sophisticated aesthetic of wood, coupled with the street ambition to acquire more, also known as stacking. The name WOODstack perfectly marries the past, present and future of a proud street culture that is global in influence and boundless in potential.

The success of WOODstack has come by a prescriptive approach to capture the directional street wear retail experience typically reserved for sneaker boutiques that are traditionally small in square footage but retooled for larger scaled retail formats that would brilliantly bring together the most premium denims, trending tops, distinct accessories and the cornerstone wardrobe piece, high energy/fashionable footwear.

The WOODstack era was officially born in Brooklyn, NY, circa October 2011, join us in our mission to revolutionize street wear and causal retail.