History is filled with the reverence of individual men and their extreme heights only to be dwarfed by the impact of likeminded men coming together as a collective of distinct yet seamless team players in sync with a progressive ideal.

Spawned from the same ethos of excellence in craft and passion of mission as inspirational predecessors such as the ladies and gentleman of The Striver’s Row, the Men of the Talented Tenth, the proud community of Black Wall Street, the best of class in the Rat Pack, the WOODSmen are a progressive culture of code switchers. Men and women that are equal parts of street directional and professional blazing. United by the savvy ability to maintain relevance within varying cultures and concentrate this talent into impactful contribution within our community.

The WOODSmen believe that in order to lead today’s culture, one must both be accepted and respected, thus we all possess a rarified ability to stylishly leave our imprint on all audiences comfortably and authentically while raising the bar within both our respective crafts and amongst all cultures.